Disneyland® Paris 25th Anniversary


Disneyland® Paris 25th Anniversary

It is time to sparkle!

In 2017, we’re igniting a sparkling celebration 25 years in the making, one that will transform Disneyland® Paris into a world glittering with new Disney stories. Where stars light up the skies in a dazzling galaxy... not so far away. Where new adventures come alive, shining brighter than ever. All in a magic kingdom, celebrating life’s most precious, and most starry-eyed moments. Yours.

To immerse our future Guests in this once-in-a-lifetime celebration, we’ve crafted a visual identity and graphic package that elevates the 25th anniversary to epic proportions. Tinker Bell is our guide. And stars point the way forward, painting the skies with magic toward a celebration destination that is, and can only be, Disneyland Paris.


Come help us make the journey extraordinary.

Let us deliver you direct to a magical experience at Disneyland Paris this Autumn. If you want share in Disneyland's 25th Birthday celebrations........ please don't miss the bus!

For more information please call our sales team on 0845 270 3266 or email info@dlpgroups.com

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